“Words” Are For Librarians, NOT ACTORS!

March 28, 2014

Don’t worry so much about the words. Of COURSE, do your homework, but keep in mind that WE are the missing ingredient. They HAVE the words. There are hundreds of copies of the words in dozens of people’s hands. They’re not going anywhere. Will they change? Sure. Will some be cut? Totes. Will this fuck you up? NOPE. Why? Because we have the luxury (YES, LUXURY) of not dealing with formulas, equations, or stenography in our chosen profession; we get to merely tell our story. OUR story. The story that’s NOT on the page. The story that the WORDS they handed us CAN’T TELL because they’ve been so pasteurized and homogenized that they need to be brought back to life. Like astronaut food- they just need some water. They HAVE the other shit. DO NOT. OBSESS. WITH THE WORDS. It siphons the life out of your acting.


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