This One Time, In The Jungle……!

March 23, 2014

Prepare to live truthfully in the moment. In THE moment that you are IN at THAT moment. This means NOT GETTING STUCK IN LINE READINGS OR WHAT YOU PREPPED IN REHEARSAL! What if you were on safari in some wild-ass jungle with the best guide money could buy? Awesome, right? You know where you’re going cuz you have your guide leading the way and all is swell. Until some snake darts down from a tree and swallows him whole right in front of you. Would you just stop and stand there? This wasn’t part of the plan, was it?? So what do you do??? My guess is that you still VERY much wanna get the fuck out of there, tour guide or not, and you keep on going, using what you know, what you recognize, what your instincts are telling you, etc. You ADAPT to whatever the world you’re standing in at the moment throws at you. Right? Why should our acting be any different? LET THAT VERY MOMENT AFFECT YOU. It will affect your acting. It will affect your audience. The audience will wanna blow you.

– scottyB


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