Great article from the Business section of today’s LA Times about constructive criticism. Click the link below the excerpt to read the full article. – scottyB

“… one of the main reasons we react so badly to any whiff of criticism at work, the authors argue, is that we feel generally underappreciated and under-praised. The good news, they contend, is that we can learn how to identify and manage the emotions triggered by the feedback and extract value from criticism.”

Turning Negative Feedback Into a Positive – Full Article 


“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” - Bill Cosby

“If you tell the truth about how you’re feeling, it becomes funny. ” - Larry David

Great article on taking risks and the cool things that can unexpectedly happen along the way. Check it out. OR ELSE.

Here’s an excerpt with a link to the full read below.

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“A casting director friend of mine once told me she believes that for every hundred actors auditioning, there are about four who can play the role, and one who is the role. When asked if she ever knew what she was looking for in that person, she said, ‘No, but I know in which general direction to look.’ Like searching for a passport, and in the process finding lost money, embarrassing old photos, and that odd sock we thought was gone forever, our predetermined checklist simply serves as a ‘direction in which to look..’ and nothing more.”

The One Thing Riskier than a Risk – Full Article


Class Notes Highlights from Brian’s Ongoing, by Jonathan S.

-          Relationships are different points of views fusing together.

-          Make sure that when we are working with relationships we have different points of view and that we have clear choices.

-          Explore what makes each partner in a relationship different.

-          What differentiates [your character] from the rest of the characters?

-          The circumstances [are already] there and present.  What is already happening that causes the scene to start [and] take place?

-          Breathe life into the character. Don’t walk the audience through every beat.

-          What is feeding your aesthetic [as an artist]?

-          What is your artistic diet?

-          Take care of what you need to take care of before you get to class [so you can be fully present].

-          Warm up and do exercises to prepare yourself to work to your best ability.

“Chemistry is not anything an executive producer or writer can orchestrate or plan; you just hope and pray for it.”  - David E. Kelley

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” - Mary Tyler Moore

Class Notes Highlights from John’s Tuesday, by Clayton S.


- Infidelity doesn’t ruin a relationship… it’s the sign that something was already wrong.

- [You can’t seem] vapid. You’re a series regular, and we’re assuming you’re going to stay married [and that things will work out for your characters].

- Nothing is more uncomfortable than sustaining the connection.

- When you’re trying to be cool with someone you’re trying to keep up with their language. You try to keep up with the rhythm and approve of everything that they say/do.

- It’s okay to “color outside the lines.” We’re allowed to be a little sloppy! It gives us texture.

- When you’re having fun, we’re having fun.

- Keep from playing a caricature.


- We need to worry less about the comedy and “the funny” and more about the given circumstances of the material.

- Don’t allow yourself to miss moment to moment stuff by getting swallowed up in high stakes.


- Sending is great but it won’t pay off if you don’t receive back.

- You gotta be a badass. You gotta find your specificity.

“I believe that acting in any medium is the same thing, it’s discovering the truth in where you are.” – Victor Garber

Great interview with John Gammon from ABC’s ‘The Middle.’ He gives 8 tips on making the most of a role along with some killer career advice. Click the link below for the full article, and here’s an appetizer sampler in the meantime.

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8 Tips on Making the Most of a Role

-       Make the most of every opportunity.

-       Be willing to try everything.

-       Let it go.

-       Find work you can afford to lose.

-       Watch and listen on set.

-       Keep creating.

-       Pace yourself.

-       Be happy.

“[Be] comfortable with auditioning and sees it as [your] chance to act that day.”

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Don’t come at acting from the place of insecurity and a place of absence. Don’t come at it from a place of deficit where you must do it in order to fill yourself.”

8 Tips on Making the Most of a Role – Full Article


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